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Welcome to M-Hddl.com.

The following guidelines have been written because all forums need rules to maintain peace & harmony among the community. Kindly take a few minutes to read through our forum rules so we can build an unique community with nice quality.

Upon entering M-Hddl.com, we assume you have read the following guidelines from the link in the Auto-PM sent to you upon successful registration and you agree to abide by our forum guidelines stipulated below.

M-HDDL Forum General Guidelines

Growing m-hdd Community

  • Neiquette: Respect the netiquette, always roam around the forums to get to know the style before you post.
  • Keep the focus: Any topics or questions outside the scope of a certain forum will either be moved, locked or simply be deleted.
  • Friendliness: Be nice to each other and respect the Administrators and Moderators. Any form of profanity or insults will not be tolerated.
  • Clones: We do not encourage cloning of multiple accounts for impersonation or any form of unethical activities on our board.
  • Deletion: Multiple sign-ups or cloned accounts are prohibited and all such accounts are due for immediate deletion.
  • Language: The universal language is English, speak with simple English if you are foreign to it, we will try our best to interpret it.
  • Profanity: Do not swear at anyone at anytime anywhere on this forum, be friendly and this helps to get things done better.
  • Trading: Any form of online transaction done within the forums is restricted and not encourage. Do it at your own risk.
  • Requests: All requests must be made within the Request forum only, not anywhere else.
  • Reports: If you see anyone breaking the rules such as advertising, trolling, spamming etc., please report the post using the report button in the bottom right corner of the post. Also feel free to report for dead or broken links!
    Use the report function only for spammers, trolls or advertising content.

Posting Rules :
It is very important that you use proper posting etiquette on the forum. If any form of trolling, spamming, advertising or the like is found, a warning or ban will be issued according to the rules that are stated.

  1. Do not spam ,Do not post adult materials at all times.
  2. Always use the Prefix on topic titles available.
  3. Do not advertise on discussion forums..To advertise, click here.
  4. Do not post hacking utilities, viruses, spam, or anything used to cause harm (malicious) to others.
  5. Do not cross post. Post your message only once to the appropriate forum and nowhere else or it will be locked or deleted with prior notice.
  6. Post in the correct forum, read the descriptions, it tells you what each forum contains.
  7. All Live Links must be in [code] tags, without URL tags. (All external links leading away from the site)

URL link is http://google.com <- this is a live external URL link.
You should be posting all URL links using the Code Box.

Code box rule does not apply to Internal Links on M-HDDL.
URL link is http://www.m-hddl.com/search.php <- Live Internal URL link on M-HDDL is allowed at all times.

Rules for the Game Section:

Game Zone has some additional rules that you must follow. All global rules still apply to this section as well.

  • Do NOT post infected files here. If you are caught posting infected files, your account and your IP will be banned from this board permanently.
  • Always give credits to original crackers in the Title...
  • Always include the year the game was released in the Title... (only the year matters)
  • Always include the size of the game in the Title...
  • If it is a console game, always include the type of console in the Title...
  • Always include a crack as a alternative link, or inside the game.
  • Always include minimum/recommended system requirements.
  • Always include a Cover of the game, and screenshots from the game.
  • Always include a Trailer using youtube tags in the topic.
  • Install note, a short description on how to install the game.
  • Post games in the proper section. Console games go to console section.

Profile Rules:
  1. Do not post requests or inappropriate messages as visiting comments.
  2. Do not abuse or exploit the profile page in any way.

Signature Rules:
  1. Follow above rules

Chatbox :

  • All forum rules applies to the chatbox, just as they do for the rest of the forum. The only exception is that links does not have to be coded in chat messages.

Warnings and Banning :

  1. Offenses which break our rules may earn you a warning or a Ban.
  2. If you accumulate 3 warnings, this will result in an instant Ban.
  3. Each warning will last 30 days
  4. This does not mean that you have to have a warning to get banned, moderators may ban you without warnings depending on the offense.

All rules are subject to change at any time.