Genre Documentary
Actors Stephen Fry, Simon Bell, Alessia Kockel
Plot This is a series about the tiny animals of the forest and jungles. Seen from their perspective, we experience a life where almost everything is a giant.

Our planet is inhabited by millions of different animals. Most often, our attention is drawn to the large and strong, but in this film it will be about tiny creatures living right under our feet.

Episode 1: Under Open Skies
Duration: 00:51:24

This is the story of two young animals forced to grow up fast.
In Africa's savannah, a baby elephant shrew learns how speed is the secret to survival amongst the largest animals on Earth; and in America, a young grasshopper mouse confronts the Wild West's deadliest creatures to stake a claim of his own.

Episode 2: Secret Forests
Duration: 00:50:38

This is the story of two tiny animals coming of age.
In the wild woods of North America, a young chipmunk is gathering a vital store of nuts ahead of his first winter - in his way are ruthless rivals and giant predators.

In the steaming rainforest, a young tree shrew is forced deep into the jungle to find food. She must draw on all her intelligence and agility if she is to escape the ultimate jungle predator - a reticulated python!

Episode 3: Urban Jungles
Duration: 00:51:56

This is the ultimate hidden kingdom - the urban jungle.
In the colourful and chaotic streets of Rio, a young marmoset is separated from his street gang and forced to confront of the dangers of the city alone.
In the futuristic metropolis of Tokyo, a rhinoceros beetle escapes his captors and begins an extraordinary journey through this alien world to find sanctuary.