The Best Intentions (1992) 720p BluRay x264-SADPANDA
Den goda viljan (original title)

The story of Ingmar Bergman's parents. In 1909, poor, idealistic theology student Henrik Bergman falls in love with Anna Åkerbloom, the intelligent, educated daughter of a rich family in Uppsala. After their wedding Henrik becomes a priest in the north of Sweden. After a few years Anna can't stand living in the rural county with the uncouth people. She returns to Uppsala, Henrik stays in the north.
* SIZE ...... 8.7 GiB
* DURATION .. 3h 1mn
* VIDEO ..... x264 1280x720 6,512Kbps @ 23.976fps
* AUDIO ..... Swedish AC3 384Kbps 2ch
* SUBS ...... English, French

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