Wanted Dead or Alive (1987) 720p BluRay x264-VETO

This movie features a character who is a descendant of the character played by Steve McQueen in the television series of the same name. And like McQueen's Josh Randall, Hauer's Nick Randall is also a bounty hunter. & also an ex-CIA operative, who is asked by his former employer to help them track down a terrorist, Malak Al Rahim, who is in the country, and has already made a move. But he is also looking for Randall, and the people, whom Randall is working for, is telling Malak, where he can find Randall.
RELEASE DATE : 07.06.2016
RUNTIME : 1h 46mn
IMDB RATING : 5.9/10 (2,971 votes)
FORMAT : x264
RESOLUTION : 1280 x 688
VIDEO : 4366 Kbps
AUDIO : English DTS 2.0 @ 1509 Kbps
SUBS : None
SIZE : 4.4 GiB

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