Dolemite (1975) 1080p BluRay x264-SADPANDA

Dolemite is a pimp who was set up by Willie Greene and the cops, who have planted drugs, stolen furs, and guns in his trunk and got him sentenced to 20 years in jail. One day, Queen B and a warden planned to get him out of Jail and get Willie Green and Mitchell busted for what they did to him. However, Dolemite is no stupid man and has a lot of warriors backing him, such as his call girls, who are Karate Experts--and lots more.
* SIZE ...... 7.6 GiB
* DURATION .. 1h 29mn
* VIDEO ..... x264 1920x1040 11,483Kbps @ 23.976fps
* AUDIO ..... English FLAC 700Kbps 1ch
* SUBS ...... English

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