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    MULTI Tell Me You Love Me 2007 S01 DVDrip h264-CalculatedRisk

    Release Date: Jan 03 2015|Season 01|Episode: All|Real HD-DVDRip|Single Link

    Airs on: United States HBO (2007 - 2007)
    Show Type: Scripted
    Status: Ended
    Scheduled: Sundays at 21:00

    Tell Me You Love Me revolves around three couples, Jamie and Hugo (Borth and Kirby), Katie and David (Walker and DeKay), and Carolyn and Palek (Walger and Scott), each with their own problems concerning intimacy in their relationships. They seek the help of therapist May Foster (Alexander), who herself has relationship problems with her partner Arthur (Selby).
    How to Download from KingFiles

    Note: Archive was done with RAR5 Method, updating to latest version of WinRAR is required.
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