Original Title The NeverEnding Story III - Escape From Fantasia
Year 1994
Running Time 95 min.
Country Germany
Director Peter MacDonald
Screenwriter Jeff Lieberman (Characters: Michael Ende)
Composer Peter Wolf
Cinematographer Robin Vidgeon
Cast Jason James Richter, Melody Kay, Jack Black, Carole Finn, Ryan Bollman, Freddie Jones, Julie Cox, Moya Brady, Tony Robinson, Nicole Parker
Studio/Producer Cinevox Filmproduktion GmbH / Dieter Geissler Filmproduktion / Studio Babelsberg / Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre Fantasy. Kids. Adventure | Sequel. Family

"While the first two movies were based on the novel by Michael Ende, this one is only based "on the characters." It transfers Fantasia into the "real" world. Bastian's dream to get a sibling becomes true when his father re-marries, but soon he has trouble with his new step sister Nicole and with a gang of school bullies, the Nasties. Hiding in the school library, Bastian finds his favorite book of THE NEVERENDING STORY, where it is later found by Slip, the gang leader. The latter recognizes the power of the book and begins to form Fantasia after his bad intentions. When the chaos becomes worse the Child-like Empress requests Bastian to move back to the real world, get the book back and save Fantasia. Accidentally some Fantasia characters travel with him to reality, but get lost in different places. Meanwhile Slip and the other Nasties spread anarchy. Finally, Bastian gets support from Nicole, who begins to believe in the power of Fantasia. Together they are able to solve the situation and become friends."

Format/Container Matroska
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Resolution 1920x1036 pixels
Frame rate 25 fps
Video bit rate 6072 Kbps
Audio 1 Spanish 2.0 (AC3 @ 384 Kbps)
Audio 2 English 2.0 (AC3 @ 384 Kbps)
Subtitles English
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