Original Title Desperately Seeking Susan
Year 1985
Running Time 104 min.
Country United States
Director Susan Seidelman
Screenwriter Leora Barish
Composer Thomas Newman
Cinematographer Edward Lachman (AKA Ed Lachman)
Cast Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, Aidan Quinn, Will Patton, John Turturro, Robert Joy, Steven Wright, Ann Magnuson, John Lurie, Anna Thomson (AKA Anna Levine), Laurie Metcalf
Studio/Producer Orion Pictures
Genre Comedy. Romance

"Arquette is Roberta Glass, a bored New Jersey yuppie housewife who finds escapism from her mundane life in the New York personal ad exploits of a flighty bohemian named Susan (Madonna). When Roberta travels to the city to witness an ad-inspired meeting between Susan and her lover Jimmy, she bumps her head, loses her memory, and for all intensive purposes, becomes Susan, thanks to a case of mistaken identity. As a result, she is pursued by crooks and other shady characters through the funky East Village of the early 80's. Quinn is the confused film protectionist who stumbles into the role of Roberta/Susan's protector. Madonna, not quite a superstar when this was filmed, uses this small role to show the sort of charisma she would soon shower upon the world in larger doses. Steven Wright, Giancarlo Esposito, Richard Hell, Ann Magnuson, John Lurie and Arto Lindsay also turn up in small roles in this fun, screwball 80's love letter to the downtown scene."

Format/Container Matroska
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Resolution 1920x1040 pixels
Frame rate 23.976 fps
Video bit rate 9044 Kbps
Audio 1 Spanish 2.0 (AC3 @ 384 Kbps)
Audio 2 English 2.0 (DTS @ 1509 Kbps)
Subtitles Spanish (Forced), Spanish, English
Size 7.92 GB


Encoded by enanno
Original Video Source Blu-ray
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