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    MULTI When the Wind Blows (1986) 720p WEB-DL x264 Dual AAC English / AC3 Spanish

    Original Title When the Wind Blows
    Year 1986
    Running Time 84 min.
    Country United Kingdom
    Director Jimmy T. Murakami
    Screenwriter Raymond Briggs (Graphic novel: Raymond Briggs)
    Composer Roger Waters
    Cinematographer Animation
    Cast Animation
    Studio/Producer Channel Four Films / Penguin Books / Meltdown Productions / Murakami-Wolf Productions
    Genre Animation. Drama. War | Nuclear holocaust. Survival Film. Old Age. Adult Animation. Based on Comic

    "A old British couple, Jim and Hilda, who live in the countryside, believe in the fact that the Government will always know what it is doing. However the world is fast heading for the Third World War between the US and the Soviets. Jim prepares for it by building a shelter using Goverment pamphlets however both of them still believe that the war will be fought like the Second World War and they can't fully understand that the war will be fought with nuclear weapons. All too soon, war breaks out and Jim and Hilda survives a nuclear blast. They stand back and wait, they believe, for help from the Government and for things to get back to normal in a couple of days, little knowing that help isn't on its way, and that, unknown to them, Jim and Hilda are slowly dying from the "fallout" radition poisoning and they will probably not survive..."

    Format/Container Matroska
    Video Codec V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
    Profile Main@L3.1, 2 frames
    Resolution 964x720 pixels
    Frame rate 24.000 fps
    Video bit rate 3832 Kbps
    Audio 1 Spanish 2.0 (AC3 @ 384 Kbps)
    Audio 2 English 2.0 (AAC @ 192 Kbps)
    Subtitles Spanish (Forced), Spanish, English
    Size 2.59 GB


    Encoded by enanno
    Original Video Source Web-DL
    Original Audio Source Web-DL + DVD

    2.59 GB into 20 RAR files of 133 MB
    Interchangeable Servers*
    (*) JDownloader or MiPony recommended.

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