Stripped 2012 1080p BluRay x264-iFPD

FiLE SiZE: 5.47 GiB


Rating: 5.9
Directed by: Mark LaFleur / J.M.R. Luna
Genre: Comedy / Horror / Thriller
Starring: Nicole Sienna / Josh Cole / Carson Aune / Alvaro Orlando / Joseph Buttler / Christina Aloupi / Nicholes Cole / Zac Cole / Victoria De Mare / Justin Gormly / Brittany Howe / Tommy Kijas / Holly Silva / Carly Steel / Kosta Trouva
Writers: Andrew Caldwell / Josh Cole

Storyline: Four friends head to Vegas for a 21st birthday in hopes of finding adventure, debauchery and memories that will last them a lifetime. Cameron, the scandalous one of the group decides to record the whole trip, determined to not forget the fiasco . A girlfriend of theirs begs for a ride, convincing them she will disappear as soon as they arrive. When they get to Vegas the guys devise an amazing plan for the night. Things take a turn for the worst when they call strippers that have them travel to a remote location. Little do they know, the strippers work for an organ trafficker. The guys fight for their lives, but eventually get Stripped.


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