Ghost Busters (1984) [Mastered in 4K] Blu-ray CEE 1080p AVC DD5.1

Who You Gonna Call?

Title: Ghostbusters
Original title : Ghost Busters
Year: 1984
Genre : Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action , Comedy
Director: Ivan Reitman
Starring : Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd , Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis , Rick Moranis , Annie Potts, William Atherton , Ernie Hudson , David Margulies , Steven Tash , Jennifer Runyon , Slavitza Jovan, Michael Ensign , Alice Drummond , Jordan Charney, Timothy Carhart John Rothman, Tom McDermott , Roger Grimsby, Larry King , Joe Franklin

About the film:

In the late twentieth century is that in New - York are not only ordinary citizens , but ... ghosts. Multimillion population can not withstand the onslaught of the supernatural.

In the end, the way countless monsters no one left - except the three scientists - parapsychologists who know everything about the other world , but only in theory. And now they have to leave the dusty rooms, and apply their knowledge in practice ..

• The filmmakers were not able to move the release date to a later date , and in the summer of 1984 on U.S. screens went "raw " version of the film with special effects and some unfinished plot inaccuracies. But luckily , the audience ignored these shortcomings and brought filmmakers decent box office.
• The role was written by Peter Venkmana John Belushi.
• The role of Winston developed under Eddie Murphy .
• According to the script the first appearance of man - marshmallow was going to happen against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty , to show the difference in size, but this scene was considered too difficult to shoot , and the script of her had to be removed .
• As a warm interest in the film , directed by Ivan Reitman paintings went on an interesting adventure. In rotation infomercial was launched in which the legacy of the films beginning telephone number "555" has been replaced by the usual " 1-800 ." Curious townsfolk , callers this number could hear in response specially recorded message played by Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd . Within six weeks, every hour on this number received about 1,000 calls.
• The title song from the film , written by Ray Parker Jr., three weeks led Billboard.
• At initial idea Ektomobil had to be completely black . But after it was decided that a large part avtosemok held at night , the car was repainted in white.
• Peter Venkmana could play Steve Guttenberg , but he chose to " Ghostbusters " work in " Police Academy ."
• Initially, the script called «Ghost Smashers».
• In fact, in 1982, Ivan Reitman was planning to film " The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy " ( with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd ) , but instead took the "Ghostbusters ."
• Demonic voice Dana / Zuul belongs to Ivan Reitman .
• In the original script by Harold Ramis action takes place in the future, and on different planets. But Reitman said that such a film would cost $ 300 million (and this - in 1984 ) , so the script had to be rewritten .
• Ghost named " Slimer " in the original was called " Lukogolovym " because of nasty breath.
• The house where he lives Dan actually exists , but instead of 22 floors in it for only 20 (address: 55 Central Park West, New York).
• Gozer was originally supposed to look like a man in a business suit , and it was to play Paul Roybens actor , but he refused the role . Similarly refused and punk rocker Anne Carlisle on the role Zuul .
• On the role of Egon considered candidates Christopher Walken , John Lithgow , Jeff Goldblum and Christopher Lloyd .
• The role of Peter Venkmana also suggested Michael Keaton , and after he refused it , he was offered the role of Egon . Keaton and refused her. Another contender was Chevy Chase . He refused , and then argued that the fact that he slipped a rough scenario , where everything was dark and scary.
• The role of Louis ( Rick Moranis played ) intended for John Candy , but he refused after his ideas about the nature of the character were rejected Reitman .

"Someone struggling with cockroaches and insects. They purify the city of ghosts "

Issued: United States
Duration: 1:45:08

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