Grudge Match (2013) Complete Bluray-LAZERS

Grudge Match (2013)

Language: English | French | Spanish
Genre: Comedy | Sport

Plot: A pair of aging boxing rivals are coaxed out of retirement to fight one final bout -- 30 years after their last match.
Release Date: 23.03.2014

iMDb :
Rating : 6.7/10 from 10,426 votes
Size : 69x500mb (31.91GB)
Runtime : 1h 45mn

Video : untouched h.264 AVC 23.976 fps
Resolution : 1920x1080
Region : free

Audio : English DTS 1509Kbps 6ch
: French AC-3 640Kbps 6ch
: Spanish AC-3 640Kbps 6ch

Subs : English, Spanish, French

Password if required : shakir69


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